Field Schools

SPNI Field School LocationsStunningly beautiful, set in Israel's most untouched nature, SPNI's field schools are the nature-lover's dream vacation sites. SPNI Field Schools provide accommodations, kosher dining and educational hiking and walking tours. Rooms must be reserved in advance. Families and young people from all over Israel and abroad come for our famous guided tours or just to stay in the best spots nature has to offer. Whole classrooms of students come for the nature education that is unmatched in Israel.

SPNI's Field School system combines three main areas of activity: education – teaching youth and adults about the region; conservation – protecting the region’s natural environment; and research – gathering information about the region in conjunction with SPNI’s various departments. Field Schools are an integral part of SPNI’s operations, a focal area for local eco-activities and play a leading role in Israeli environmental tourism and education.

If you would like to book accomodations at one of our field schools, please contact Teleteva, our reservations hotline.

Teleteva operating  hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00-17:00 IST (What is the local time in Israel?)

Friday: 9:00-14:00 IST

Phone: +972-3-6388688