Ein Gedi

Situated in a most remarkable scenic spot overlooking both the Ein Gedi waterfalls and the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Field School is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking desert wilderness trails in the Middle East. Ein Gedi National Park is known as a natural oasis, a well known recreational and hiking area with natural and historical sites going back to Biblical times and a major wildlife preserve. In addition to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Field School is the perfect home base to experience the wonders of the caves of Qumeran, Masada, and the history of survival, settlement and agriculture under extreme climatic conditions.

The field school at Ein Gedi puts over 30,000 visitors a year in touch with the past. Located on the ancient caravan route winding up from the Dead Sea, the saltiest body of water and lowest point on earth, to the dry cliffs of the Judean Desert, Ein Gedi's explosion of flora and fauna is no less than a miracle. A walk through the site brings history to life, as visitors view everything from millstones, artifacts from the Islamic period, to a marvelously intact mosaic from a Byzantine-era synagogue.

Overlooking Jordan's Moab Mountains, the burying place of Moses, Ein Gedi stood as witness when the Children of Israel crossed into the Land of Israel. Today, it is a starting point for another journey, one that affirms the right of children and adults alike to experience the Land as it once as, and continues to be, under the watchful protection of SPNI. The field school at Ein Gedi serves as the home base for SPNI's campaigns to protect the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and the Judean Desert

Making a difference -- Ein Gedi Field School is the home base for SPNI’s campaigns to protect the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and the Judean Desert.

Directions: The field school is located off of Road 90, at kilometer mark 245. Turn west (away from the Dead Sea) at the entrance of the Nature Reserve "Nahal David". The ride up to the field school is marked well with signs.  

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