The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) works to protect the open spaces and preserve the biodiversity of the land of Israel through environmental activism, education and eco-tourism.


SPNI's Environmental Protection Department: works with government authorities and various organizations through a variety of channels on the local and national levels. Urban planners work with municipalities to promote sustainable solutions. Our Mammal Department and the Israel Ornithological Center work to protect the variety of animal and bird species living in Israel, effecting global biodiversity. Together, these efforts create balance in future development and secure our environment.

SPNI's Education Department: engages Israeli youth in schools, summer camps, training programs and youth groups, teaching them about the variety of wildlife, the natural habitats and unique ecosystems in Israel, creating a lifelong bond with natural Israel. Our education programs affect the lives of thousands of Israeli children each year, fostering leaders for tomorrow who are connected and dedicated to their homeland and its precious natural legacy.

SPNI's Tourism Department: offers eco-tourism experiences throughout the country. SPNI brings together communities, blazed and maintains over 14,000 km (9,000 miles) of trails including the 1,009 km (627 mile) Israel National Trail and provides guided tours to hikers, birders and nature lovers throughout Israel for residents and eco-tourists alike. By creating a love for Israel's nature we unite to protect and preserve this Holy Land for generations to come.