Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel’s non-stop city, is the trend-setting and media center of the country, where one million people enter and exit each day. SPNI, observing the national shift in political power towards local issues, founded the Tel Aviv branch in 1999 to inform and mobilize Tel Avivians, creating a local base of environmental strength. SPNI’s Tel-Aviv Urban Community is affecting change within local communities and building a stronger civil society with the goal of protecting nature and promoting a healthy environment.

Major Activities

The Tel Aviv community extends well beyond the physical boundaries of Tel Aviv. We cooperate with surrounding cities on topics such as city planning, community gardens and environmental education programs. Examples of cities include: Holon, Bat Yam, Bnei Brak, Givatayim, Ramat Gan, Hertzelia, etc. 

Green Forum –  One of the most veteran Tel Aviv environmental coalitions is the Green Forum. Established by SPNI in 2000, the Forum is composed of many neighborhood committees and environmentally active grassroots organizations. Their mission is to advance the environmental agenda for Tel Aviv and they meet each month. If you live in Tel Aviv-Yafo and would like to be a part of the forum, please contact us

Green Council Watch – The main purpose of the Green Council Watch (GCW) is to monitor the environmental activity and to ensure proper management by Tel Aviv-Yafo city council members. The project has several aims: to strengthen civil society, to increase transparency, and raise environmental awareness among city council members. The council brings people of diverse backgrounds together under the shared interest of protecting their immediate environment and increases the residents' say in local decision making. The GCW serves as a major force which is responsible for providing environmental training and leadership development in the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality.
Environmental Education- The Tel Aviv community runs a wide array of environmental education programs. For example, "Children Leading Change" is a major program that exposes school children to many environmental issues and topics. In each school we work with, the program is tailored to the needs of the specific school. Topics covered include transportation, proper garbage disposal, water conservation and sources of polllution. We also run an educational program in conjunction with the Friends of the Swifts non-profit organization, which focuses on the bi-annual migration of swifts to Israel. Additional education programs cover issues in the field of environmental conservation. 

Community Gardens- SPNI-Tel Aviv has developed community gardens in the areas of Holon, Bat Yam, Bnei Brak and south Tel Aviv. These gardens, which are often found in lower income areas, help the neighborhood create a sense of community and is a nurturing environment for neighborhood children and families. 

Ariel Sharon Park – SPNI-Tel Aviv led a wide coalition of non-profit organizations who united and built grassroots support for the park.  The park, built on Mount Hiriya, the site of central Israel’s largest landfill, now serves as the main green lung for the entire Tel Aviv region and borders 14 municipalities. 

Additional SPNI initiatives in Tel Aviv-Yafo:
♦ Preserving and developing the coastal park along the open coastline in north Tel Aviv
♦ Protecting existing green spaces in Yafo, Hatikva neighborhood, and in the city center
♦ Advancing programs for developing local environmental leadership with local authorities. 
♦ Increase awareness of the many historic and/or protected trees within the city 

 We are continually expanding our community-based efforts, working with green organizations and the business sector alike to ensure smart urban planning that promotes both social and environmental justice.  

Come Visit Us

Located in Israel's bustling commercial and cultural capital and the heart of the largest metropolitan area – SPNI-Tel Aviv is the cutting edge provider of urban environmental activism.

To visit our office, or for more information on touring around Tel Aviv's Urban Nature, contact:
43 Yehuda Halevi St' Tel-Aviv
Phone:  03-5660960