Kehilot: Urban Communities

SPNI's Urban Branches are also known as "Kehilot" (Communities in Hebrew) as they bring local communities together toward shared environmental goals. A revolutionary concept, each Kehila develops itself within the framwork of the needs of each individual community. Though every community has specific concerns and needs crucial to its sustainable future, SPNI’s urban branches share the same primary objectives: 

Increase environmental awareness among city residents of all ages

Run educational activities for children, youth and adults in order to develop emotional bonds         between communities and the nature about them, and a sense of responsibility

Assemble and supervise coalitions of local residents and organizations dedicated to improving local quality of life, protecting urban nature and promoting sustainable planning policies 

Make public participation in local planning processes an accepted standard

Promote environmental issues among major decision-makers in the local political arena

Offer sustainable alternatives to development initiatives by a team of professional city planners who also serve as the environmental watchdogs on municipal and regional zoning and planning committees