In Israel's capital of Jerusalem lies SPNI's largest urban branch (kehila). SPNI-Jerusalem was founded in 1963 by a group of dedicated nature conservationists, making Jerusalem the oldest and largest of the urban branches.Throughout the years the "Kehila" has taken an active role in the community by promoting urban nature sites, tourism, urban planning, environmental activities, ecologiocal education and more. SPNI-Jerusalem played a pivotal role in the Gazelle Valley Urban Nature Park, and in preventing the a notorious development plan in the western Jerusalem hills that would have had irreparable consequences on Jerusalem's ecosystem. 

SPNI-Jerusalem promotes sustainable living in Jeusalem with the help of over 20 staff members who work in various fields:

  • Urban planning department
  • Educational programs in secular and orthodox schools and kindergartens
  • Coordination of the 70 Community Gardens across the city.
  • Environmental events and tours.


Now based in the original Prime ministers official house –Bet Levy Eshkol

46, Ben Maimon Boulevard



Phone: 02-625-2357

Visitors to our new location can purchase trail/hiking maps, maps of Israel, SPNI souvenirs, nature guides and more...

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