Eco-Community Centers

For the past three decades, SPNI has run a network of Eco Community Centers (ECC) that primarily serve development towns in Israel's social and geographic periphery. The underlying premise of these centers is the understanding that social and environmental issues go hand-in-hand. 

SPNI currently operates ECCs in 14 towns and communities throughout Israel, within both the Jewish and non-Jewish sectors. Each has its unique challenges, ranging from the constant threat of missles and high unemployment rates to clashing cultures and environmental calamities. Whatever the community's challenges, we build partnerships with the local council and leading organizations and can provide tailored programming to meet their needs. 

At all of our ECC's our goal is to improve the environment while educating, empowering and mobilizing the communities. We work to raise awareness among children and youth about sustainable living, and environmental protection. We engage children from diverse ethnic and religious groups and backgrounds in joint social-environmental action. Moreover, we help develop local leadership in the fields of coexistence, environment and social responsibility. 

SPNI's strength is in the ability to replicate and promote successfull programs nationwide. The scalability of ECC's programs is a key element of our ability to affect national consciousness and bring about cultural change.