Nature Tours September - October 2017

Eastern imperial eagle. Photo Thomas Krumenacker

A Day with Birds of Prey – Birding TourThursday, September 22

We will highlight the migration of the Lesser spotted eagle and other birds of prey. Starting at the Ben Shemen forest, we will view the eagles as they rise from their night's sleep to continue migrating. The tour will also visit spots in the Judean plain frequented by migrating birds to view autumn migrators, songbirds, aquatic birds and many other.Guided by Yuval Dax, Israel Ornithological Center

  • It has a ring to it! A special bird ringing tour at Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael,

Saturday, September 23

A magical experience for the whole family! Our tour will begin with a morning walk to the serene fish ponds of Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael, which attract many species – indigenous and migrating birds alike.
Participants will get up close and personal with the birds, taking part in ringing and marking them. We will also stroll towards the beach to enjoy nature at its best. Guided by Hof HaCarmel Field School

Soreq Stream. Photo Sivan Arbel

  • The Enchanted Forest: Studying the Startup Spiders of the Gush Halav Stream, Saturday, October 7

Part of the “Nature's Startup” biomimicry tour series

We will hike down the Gush Halav Stream towards the Tzivon Stream and its hidden trails to uncover nature’s secrets. Participants will learn about medical developments inspired by cobwebs, how a spider inspired the development of a robot by the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), and how a spider's ability to prevent birds from approaching its web led to the development of advanced glass for windows. The tour will end with some rest and relaxation in the Baram forest. Guided by Hava Shraga of the Galilee Field School

  • Dune Detectives – Small Animals Night Safari, Sunday, October 8

Utilizing various zoological research methods, participants will explore the fascinating wildlife of the sand dunes, tracking several different animals and even trying to meet some of them face-to-face. Two hours before sunset, we will observe the sand dunes and take a short walk to become familiar with the local flora and fauna. Once the sun sets, we will track nocturnal activity of lizards, snakes, gerbils, insects and many others. The tour will conclude with a bonfire and a discussion about nature preservation challenges, the research efforts at the Nitzanim dunes, and the dilemmas faced by researchers and nature protection experts.

Guided by reptile expert Dr. Boaz Shaham and Avishai Shlomo of the Shikamim Field School

Soreq Stream. Photo Sivan Arbel

Nature’s Escape Room! Special Activity run by the Shikmim Field School, Monday, October 9

Guided by a new smartphone App, participants will take part in an exciting tour through nature in an attempt to solve a historical mystery!

After Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948, the Egyptian army invaded the newly established state, halted at the Ad Halom bridge and attempted to conquer Nitzanim. Participants will work together in teams to uncover the back story of this fascinating episode in Israeli history. The tour will conclude with arts and craft activity stations, hot tea and freshly made pita on the Saj (an open fire oven).

Guided by the Shikmim Field School in cooperation with The Faculty of Instructional Technologies, HIT, Holon Institute of Technology

  • Recharge and Refresh with the migrating birds at Emek Ha’maayanot (birding),

Tuesday, October 10

This Sukkot holiday, join us for a birdwatching trip to Beit She'an Valley. The area’s fish ponds and crop fields are hosting thousands of migrating birds, including white and black storks, birds of prey, ducks, song birds and many others. Guided by Nadav Israeli – Israel Ornithological Center

  • Stroll Along the Stream – A tour for families with toddlers, Saturday October 14

This slow-paced, family-friendly tour will explore the stream near Kibbutz Palmahim, where participants will learn about the stream and its sources, meet reptiles and beetles, and track animal footprints. As we approach Turtle Island, we might be lucky enough to see some turtles. However, one thing is for certain – all of our young participants are sure to have lots of fun rolling down the golden sand dunes. Guided by Yaniv Alon – Shikmim Field School

Soreq Stream. Photo Sivan Arbel

  • Nature Weekend at Ein Gedi Field School, Friday-Saturday, October 27-28

This weekend nature retreat will include a tour of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, located at the heart of the exotic landscape of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea basin, and an unforgettable Shabbat experience, including unique nature activities for adults and children.

Friday: Kabbalat Shabbat and a communal dinner followed by an engaging discussion focused on the ways that Shabbat is linked to Israeli nature.

Saturday: We will hike towards David Stream at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and enjoy nature-based activities. After lunch, a farewell activity will explore the three circles of influence and responsibility: the individual, the family and the community. Guided by the Ein Gedi Field School

  • Extreme Nature Weekend in the Desert, Friday-Saturday, September 22-23

Prepare to fall in love with the magic of the desert. Let the peace and quiet of the tranquil environment, countless twinkling stars, vast open spaces, and fragrant acacia trees rejuvenate your spirit, while the challenging hike invigorates your mind and body.

The first day will begin at the Gov Stream, where participants will climb ladders up the natural rock formations while admiring the diverse flora and fauna. In the evening after dinner, we will use lanterns to explore the white marlstones of the Idan Stream before camping out for the night under the stars near the Hatzeva Field School. The following morning, we will hike the Barak stream, including a challenging and exciting descent into the deep gorge. Guided by the Hatzeva Field School

  • A Nature Lover’s Holiday in the Northern Golan Heights, Wednesday-Friday, October 11-13

This magnificent three-day journey across the northern Golan Heights will include a hike through the cool Jilabon Stream and the first section of the Golan Trail, descending from the Hermon Mountain, a visit the tomb of Nebi Ilya (a Druze saint), and spectacular panoramic views at every turn. We will also visit an authentic Bedouin palace and enjoy the lovely bloom of autumn crocus (weather permitting). Guided by the Golan Field School

Soreq Stream. Photo Sivan Arbel

Haifa: The Green City – For fit hikers  
(adults only), Saturday, October 7

Participants will experience the natural side of Haifa, including a tour of the woodland adorned wadis descending from the Carmel mountain, vistas overlooking the blue Mediterranean, the beautiful Templar homes and the unique architecture in the Arab neighborhoods. The exceptionally beautiful and challenging hiking route will take fit hikers through the Lotem and Siach Streams, the Templar neighborhood and the fascinating neighborhood of Wadi Salib, the site of Israel’s first social protest. Guided by Eyal Farkash

  • Hoshana Rabbah Celebrations (adults only), Wednesday, October 11

On Hoshana Rabbah, the last day of Sukkot, every individual's fate for the coming year is irrevocably determined by the Heavens. Participants will visit the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem and its surroundings and learn about the Jewish traditions relating to the entire holiday of Sukkot and this important day, including the beating of willow branches and the prayer upon leaving the Sukkah. Guided by Oren Zonder


Please Note the tours are guided in Hebrew

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