Thanks to you Sasgon Valley Saved Designated as Nature Reserve

Sasgon Valley. from the air

Thanks to your support an unspoiled stretch of the Arava desert near Eilat was saved. After a series of legal battles for nearly 25 years, the National Council for Planning and Building designated the Sassagon Valley as a nature reserve. This statutory protection brings an end to this sage.

The planned hotel and other tourism infrastructure, which was planned to be built in the Timna Valley, and we fought against, will again be built in a location which does less harm to the landscape and local environment.

This is a great victory for SPNI, local residents and the Ministry of Environmental Protection which worked together to defeat the hotel and promote the sustainable alternative which was accepted.

The Sasgon Valley is one of the last wildernesses in Israel. The valley is located between sandstone mountains. It elicits awe from visitors from the silence and rich variety of colors in the soil. It’s a major attraction for tourists visiting Eilat and an important area worth fighting for.

Without your support we would not have had the resources to successfully win battle after battle in this long campaign. We’re delighted to share with you a happy ending to this long saga.