Teens To Ride In Protest Of Eilat Rail

SPNI's Youth Organizes to Protest the Eilat Rail

Teenagers working as volunteers with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel are organizing a six day protest to draw public attention to the Eilat Railway. Volunteer youth from across the country will join together for a 200 km (125 mile) bike ride and hike through sections of the Negev and Arava regions. They will cross through areas that will be most damaged by the Eilat Rail line which will disturb habitats that belong to the State of Israel's biblical inheritance. 

The proposed rail line will come at a high economic cost for the citizens of Israel, currently priced around 40 billion shekels. Comprehensive analysis of the line by SPNI and Hebrew University's Shasha Center for Strategic Studies showed that the rail line is not likely to meet any of its goals to improve the quality of life for Israeli citizens or for residents of the Negev region. SPNI continues to work to preserve the unique landscapes of the Negev.

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