Spring Migration in North America's East Coast with SPNI Birders!

Monday, May 8, 2017, 9:00am - Saturday, May 13, 2017, 5:00pm

North America

Speaker(s): Dan Alon and Jonathan Meyrav
Contact: Jonathan Meyrav, jm2bird@gmail.com

Baltimore Oriole Jonathan Meyrav

Join Us for Spring Migration in North America's East Coast with SPNI Birders!

In Spring 2017, SPNI Birding experts Dan Alon and Jonathan Meyrav will visit the US and Canada to lead two special birding adventures.  Join us and experience the fantastic East coast spring migration!


Experienced Canadian guides and perennial champs at the World Series of Birding in New Jersey, Dan and Jonathan will enhance your knowledge about local birds and whet your appetite to visit our great migration events in Israel.

Black throated green Warbler Jonathan Meyrav

US Trip (departing from NYC): May 8 – 10

Visit Cape May and the surrounding areas with special guests David La Puma, director of the Cape May Bird Observatory, and birding legend Pete Dunne.  We expect to see shorebirds, warblers, waterfowl, and migrating raptors in the storied Higbees Woods.

Canada Warbler Jonathan Meyrav

Canada Trip (departing from Toronto) May 12-13

Day 1 - May 12th 2017

Departure from Toronto to Rondeau Provincial Park. The Park on the shores of Lake Erie is a fantastic birding site, where one will expect to see good numbers of migrants.  

We will spend the afternoon birding in the Park.

In the evening we will assemble for a fascinating talk about migration in Israel and the work of the Israel Ornithological Center in North America; then we will overnight at Chatham, Ontario.

Day 2 - May 13th 2017

A full day of birding at Rondeau Provincial Park. The area is well known as a crucial stopover site for songbirds moving north to their breeding grounds in the Boreal forest.

We will meet with local birders and spend most of the day exploring the trails and hotspots around the Park. In the late afternoon we will head back to Toronto.


For further information and to save your spot please contact CSPNI 
email: spnicanada@gmail.com or call: (647) 346-0619

Sunbird Jonathan Meyrav

We look forward to spending time in the field with you!

Bald Eagle nest Jonathan Meyrav