SPNI Launches Green Hive Project for Municipal Elections

The Green Hive initiative is based on SPNI's vision to promote a sustainable lifestyle and aiming to lead a significant and influential process that will increase urban density while raising the quality of life in Israel's cities. The Green Hive aims to make city councils and committees more transparent, empower social activists and organizations to have their voices heard within the political arena and implement a sustainable vision in municipal development plans and policies.

On a municipal level, SPNI will train observers to participate in municipal committees' discussion which will monitor municipal policies, raise questions, offer proposals with the end goal of publishing a report detailing the committee's voting patterns regarding the social and ecological issues discussed. We hope to tighten the connection between social and environmental causes and creating a network of community leaders across the country.

Through this comprehensive approach we plan to strengthen local democracy and transparency, monitor decision making procedures and to ensure environmental pledges given during election campaigns are kept. This stems from our belief that residents are equal stakeholders in the cities' planning and management and our belief in local participatory democracy as a key condition in promoting a sustainable urban future for Israel’s large cities.

We look forward to the success of the Green Hive Project and thank Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Green Environment Fund for their generous support.