SPNI announces winners for its annual award to be given at the Jerusalem Conference for Nature & the Environment

SPNI Announces Annual Prize Winners

December 12, 2013
The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel announces the winners of its annual award to be granted on Monday, December 17, 2013... Read more »

Sixth Annual Jerusalem Environmental Conference

SPNI Hosts Its Annual Jerusalem Conference

December 6, 2013

SPNI will be hosting its annual Jerusalem Conference on Nature and the Environment on December 16, 2013.

Read full article: Famed Gamla Vultures on List of Endangered Species

Research Finds Bird Populations Under Threat

November 20, 2013
Data collected over the last several years by SPNI's Israel Ornithological Center reveals a worrisome decline in several bird... Read more »

Israeli greens worry plans for five new Negev towns will destroy landscape

Suburban Expansion in Negev Threatens Desert Ecology and Inner Cities

October 27, 2013
In support of the Israel Defense Forces plan to center more army bases in the Negev, a new government plan proposes five (5) new suburbs... Read more »

Shelving the Eilat Railway Plan

Comprehensive Report Reveals Flaws in Eilat Railway Project

October 22, 2013
With the cooperation of professors and experts from across the country, SPNI has released a report detailing the economic, social and... Read more »

Gov't okays rail line despite flak

Government Approves Rail to Eilat

October 7, 2013
Despite the economic expense of the project, a ministerial committee approved a plan for the Eilat Railway project. The project will run... Read more »

Controversial Carmel Beach Towers Expansion Plan Declined

A Vision of Open Beaches

October 2, 2013
On Monday, September 30th, the Haifa District Planning and Building Committee ruled against a plan to expand the Carmel Beach Towers.... Read more »

SPNI Works to Preserve a National Treasure

Saving A Unique Crater, Machtesh Ramon

September 17, 2013
Mitzpe Ramon, located in the southern Negev, is a small desert town that near the edge of a unique geological phenomenon, the Ramon... Read more »

Protecting Mount Eldad

Preserving Mount Eldad

September 1, 2013
A new community has illegally established itself on Mount Eldad, between Sde Boker and Mitzpeh Ramon. Such new communities have a broad... Read more »

SPNI Joins the Search Party

Seeking: Golden Squirrels

August 6, 2013
Shmulik Yidov, head of SPNI's Mammal Department, joined a team of researchers in search of the Golden Squirrel. Golden Squirrel is a... Read more »

Save the Fish works to protect Mediterranean sealife

Save The Fish

July 30, 2013
With the help of SPNI, a new organization called Save the Fish is working to protect sealife in the Mediterranean. The group is... Read more »

Article from Haaretz

Destruction of Disused Army Posts Spells the End for Bat Colonies

July 10, 2013
The demolition of abandoned military posts has caused harm to the Trident bat population. Between 500 and 600 Trident bats lived in two... Read more » Read the full article here >>

Article from Haaretz

Man-made Lake in Rishon Letzion Becomes Bird Habitat

July 1, 2013
Rishon Letzion has a rainwater reservoir next to an amusement park.  This reservoir, known as Lake Superland, has been taken over... Read more » Read the full article here >>

Article from Jerusalem Post

Ministerial Committee Approves Proposal to Ban Sport Hunting

July 1, 2013
Environmental Protection Minister, Amir Peretz, has succeeded in getting approval from the Ministerial Committee for Legislation to... Read more » Read the full article here >>

Greens Riled by Proposal to Shelve National Master Plans

June 27, 2013
Currently there is a proposal to amend the Planning and Building Law to make the national master plans non binding guidelines instead of... Read more » Read the full article here >>

The Urban Way

June 13, 2013
Proper urban development is vital for both the preservation of nature throughout Israel as well as improving the quality of life within... Read more » Read the full article >>

Beach Development

A Surprising Beach Development

May 27, 2013
A cross-border project of the European Union has found that Israel is doing a good job protecting its shores.  The Mediterranean is... Read more » Read the full article

Interior Minister admits failure to populate periphery

May 21, 2013
Developing our urban communities (Kehilot) is one of the cornerstones of SPNI's strategy to strengthen Israel's cities, raise the... Read more » Read the full article »

Richard Bowles back on the Israel National Trail

Israel Trail runner Bowles back on his feet

May 6, 2013
After taking a week off due to a foot infection Aussie runner Richard Bowles is back on the Israel National Trail. With the help of... Read more »

Earth Day 2012

All creatures great and small, stuck behind a fence

April 22, 2013
Earth Day events will be held today in Israel and throughout the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In Israel... Read more » Read the full article »