Falcon. Photo Jonathan Meyrav

Israel Cancels Wind Turbines Project to Spare a Rare Falcon

November 26, 2017
SPNI persuaded a District Committee just south of Haifa to take the lives of the rare red falcon into account for new turbine... Read more »

Bird Photo Dov Greenblat

Jerusalem Holds a Haven for Birds

September 25, 2017
Be sure to visit the Jerusalem Birding Observatory (JBO), Israel's national bird banding center and SPNI’s world-class nature... Read more »

Road Number 6. Photo by Dov Greenblat

This popular app helps you report roadkill to save the wild

August 4, 2017
SPNI and Waze combined their efforts near the end of 2016 to ask drivers to “report road kill incidents” through the popular... Read more »

Bat Yam Garden. Photo by Yoni Baruman.

Secret Rooftop Garden in Israel Accelerates Mental Health Rehabilitation

July 30, 2017
Israel’s Mental Health Association along with SPNI runs a rooftop garden in the middle of a busy Bat Yam neighborhood. The project... Read more »

Ashdod Dunes. Photo: Dov Greenblat

Last Dune Standing

July 14, 2017
"A recently released master construction plan by Ashdod  Municipality  gives builders the go-ahead to build on previously... Read more »

Jay's Interview with Israel Hayom

Israel is a 'unique biodiversity hotspot' that must be protected

June 21, 2017
How is Israel contributing to the fight against climate change? Has desalinization solved Israel's water crisis? Host Steve Ganot speaks... Read more »

A Gazelle. Photo by Dov Greenblat.

IDF lends its power and technology to animal protection

May 18, 2017
In 2014, SPNI, INPA and the IDF joined forces to launch the “Nature Defense Forces.”  Today, IDF soldiers affiliated... Read more »

Levant Sparrowhawk. Photo Noam Weiss.

Rare: 40,000 Levant sparrowhawks fly over Eilat

May 4, 2017
As many as 40,000 Levant sparrowhawks were spotted flying over Eilat during their migration season. SPNI has observed their migration... Read more »

Champions of the Flyway 2017 Teams. Photo by Dov Greenblat.

And the winner is…THE BIRDS!

April 3, 2017
Champions of the Flyway (COTF) challenged 17 multiple-nationality teams (including an Israeli-Palestinian team) to document as many bird... Read more »

Marking the Israel National Trail. Photo by Dov Greenblat

Mountains, Minefields, and the Sea of Galilee: Following the Golan Trail

March 5, 2017
From the stunning Sea of Galilee to medieval fortresses and ruins from Roman and Byzantine eras, hikers can discover many treasures when... Read more »

Road Number 6. Photo by Dov Greenblat.

Waze to prevent wildlife from becoming roadkill

March 5, 2017
SPNI recently marked UN World Day with a road kill prevention campaign powered by the Waze community of drivers. On March 3, SPNI and... Read more »

Birding Festival in Eilat. Photo by Dov Greenblat.

19/03/2017 – 26/03/1017 – Eilat Birds Festival

January 26, 2017
The Eilat Birds Festival is organized by the Israel Ornithological Center of the SPNI. It is a well-established event that brings... Read more »