Palmahim Air Force Base, Jerusalem and Netanya Among Winners of SPNI Conservation Award

Article from Jerusalem Post

SPNI is awarding five entities with nature and conservation awards during its Fifth Jerusalem Environment and Nature Conference on November 5th.  The soldiers at the Palmahim Air Force Base are receiving this award for their work in removing two major invasive species, Golden Aster weeds and Acacia Saligna trees, from the coastal sand dunes.  The Jerusalem municipality is receiving the award for creating a Local Action for Biodiversity plan, transforming the Gazelle Valley into an urban oasis, performing numerous environmental surveys, and protecting local flowers.  Netanya is receiving the award for appointing the first ecological expert to city office and for its preservation of the Winter Ponds, Sergeant’s Forest, and the coast.  The Emek Hefer Regional Council is being praised for its project promoting wild animals as a biological pesticide in order to reduce the use of chemicals.  The final recipients of the award are Nadav Gofer and his colleagues who are worked on a biodiversity mapping program.  This program exposes students from different areas to nature and biodiversity.  Over 6,000 students participate in this project and take pictures of the natural world.  These pictures become part of a local diversity database.

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