Palmachim Beach to become Nature Reserve

Palmachim Beach; Photo: Dov Greenblat, SPNI

Palmachim beach, just 12 miles south of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Coast, is officially slated to become a nature reserve.

Following years of campaigning, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel applauds the decision to protect the unique biodiversity of these sandy dunes and public access to this pristine stretch of Israel's coast.

Israel's 2003 Coastal Law, one of SPNI's greatest achievements, protects Israel's undeveloped beaches, preserving public access to them. However, projects that were approved before the passing of the Coastal Law still had permission to go ahead, including a vacation resort planned for Palmachim.

The recent decision to zone Palmachim Beach as a nature reserve, officially adding it to the national master plan for tourism will preserve the beach for generations to come. The reserve will include ruins of the ancient city of Yavne-Yam, as well as the biodiversity and beautiful beach front for everyone to enjoy.

Palmachim Beach; Photo: Dov Greenblat, SPNI