Nature News

Banias Stream. Photo Dov Greenbalt

A River Runs Through It, Thanks to You

November 12, 2020
Israel’s rivers and streams are modest by North American standards but provide essential “ecological services” for the... Read more »

Dark Skies reveal the beautiful milky way galaxy

SPNI and Mekorot Reduce Light Pollution

August 19, 2020
A joint project between SPNI and Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, is reducing light pollution across Israel. Our... Read more »

griffon vulture on ledge waiting for a meal

Griffon Vulture Saved by Mama Drone

August 5, 2020
An endangered Griffon vulture chick was saved from certain death thanks to you. Together SPNI and the IDF delivered food to the chick... Read more »

Ophir Pines speaking at the conference. Photo: Dov Greenblat

SPNI announces webinars in English to help get you through COVID-19

April 6, 2020
To help get you through the COVID-19 Crisis SPNI is putting on a range of lectures in English. We're aiming to have one of our expert... Read more »

baby gazelle sitting cutely, now free to roam

Key Gazelle Habitat Saved Thanks to your Support

February 25, 2020
Thanks to your generous support to our 2019 End of Year Appeal a key gazelle habitat located near Zichron Ya’akov was saved.... Read more »

Israel's secret river

Revealing Israel's secret river

February 25, 2020
Imagine discovering a secret river, in tiny Israel! A marvelous river canyon within the unique geology of the Dead Sea.  ... Read more »

Nahariya flooded after an extreme weather event

SPNI announces climate change strategy

January 15, 2020
This year, extreme weather has already claimed the deaths of 8 Israelis and caused hundreds of millions of shekels worth of damage to... Read more »