Nature News

Sasgon Valley. from the air

Thanks to you Sasgon Valley Saved Designated as Nature Reserve

December 16, 2019
Thanks to your support an unspoiled stretch of the Arava desert near Eilat was saved. After a series of legal battles for nearly 25... Read more »

Beach clean-up. Photo Yael Ilmer, SPNI

Cleaning Up Our Act: It Takes a Nation

July 2, 2019
By Yael Ilmer and Aya Tager   There’s no easy way to say it: Israel has a serious litter problem. Following... Read more »

Netanya coast. Photo Moshe Perlmuter SPNI

SPNI Leads The Charge Against Plan for Five New Marinas

June 26, 2019
A new plan being promoted by the government to construct five new marinas and expand eight existing ones by 2040 has prompted SPNI to... Read more »

Tristram's jird. Photo Yitzhak Cohen

The Threats to Israel's Ecological Corridors

May 1, 2019
Ecological corridors are a sequence of open natural areas, essential for preventing the extinction of animals and plants. Although the... Read more »

Johanna at Gazelle Valley Park. Photo Sivan Arbel

Of Gazelles and People: Behind the Scenes at Gazelle Valley Park

March 27, 2019
By Aya Tager While I’ve been to Gazelle Valley Park in Jerusalem countless times, I always discover something new with every... Read more »

Caesarea sand dunes. Photo Ya'acov Eini

A “Bio-Blitz” to Protect Israel’s Sahara Sands

March 21, 2019
The word "Sahara" immediately evokes images of an arid and barren expanse in furthest reaches of North Africa – sand dunes,... Read more »

Flamingos, Eilat. Photo Noam Weiss

SPNI’s Nationwide Urban Nature Week Celebration

February 27, 2019
From March 1-9, SPNI’s Urban Community Branches invite you to celebrate nature close to home!  Experience the beauty of... Read more »

Anemones. Photo Iris Arbel

True Romance: Made By Nature

February 20, 2019
By Omer Shapira, Gil Efrat and Aya Tager  During the month of February, stores stock up on roses and chocolates for the... Read more »

Roller. Photo Yoav Perlman, SPNI

Israel’s New Nature Photography Code of Ethics

January 27, 2019
Nature photography is a wonderful hobby and an important tool in raising public awareness and promoting the importance of nature... Read more »