Nature News

Fire in Haifa, Novermber 2016.Photo Yoram Yihye

Give Nature a Chance: Breaking Israel’s Wildfire Cycle

December 1, 2016
By Jay Shofet Over the past week, more than 1,700 brush fires across Israel destroyed homes, vehicles, and countless irreplaceable... Read more »

Sasgon Valley. Photo Dov Greenblat SPNI

The Battle Rages On: In Defense of a Unique Desert Ecosystem

November 23, 2016
For 15 years, SPNI has led the charge in a fight to preserve the natural landscape of the Sasgon Valley region, part of the Timna Valley... Read more »

Illegal fishing of protected Guitar Fish.Photo Roy Gvili

Israeli Fishing Industry Finally Changes Course

September 26, 2016
After decades of uncontrolled fishing in the Mediterranean, the Knesset Economics Committee chaired by MK Eitan Cabel approved... Read more »

Environmental Day at the Knesset

SPNI's Coalition to Save Jerusalem Hills recognized at Knesset Ceremony

June 27, 2016
The “Alliance to Strengthen Jerusalem” coalition, spearheaded by SPNI, is a proud winner of a 2015 Green Globe award,... Read more »

Israel National Trail at the Carmel area. Photo: Dov Greenblat SPNI

How is a trail born? Behind the scenes of trail marking

May 24, 2016
Trail marking allows hikers to walk through trails that were previously inaccessible. In order to find out how a marked trail is born,... Read more »

Slipper lobster. Photo Amir Gur

Slipper lobster is off the Israeli plate

May 23, 2016
What has ten legs, a clear skin while a youngster that breaks and turns into a new exoskeleton as it grows, and cracks snails and clams... Read more »

Campaign Updates: April 2016

April 18, 2016
  Day and night, SPNI works to galvanize the public and influence decision-makers to make environmentally-sound policy decisions... Read more »

urban naure in israel photo yael zilber

SPNI Focuses on Urban Nature

March 23, 2016
SPNI’s Urban Nature Week opened on March 9, with 48 free activities held across Israel – organized by SPNI’s urban... Read more »

SPNI visit winter pool with NABU, Germany

Nature Conservation Knows No Boundaries - and Now it’s Official

March 22, 2016
Nature protection and conservation is a tremendous and extensive mission, especially given the increasing threats and obstacles brought... Read more »

Counting birds Photo Marwa Kaffora SPNI

Counting on the Public to Count the Birds

March 21, 2016
Since 2006, a nationwide Birds Count has taken place across Israel from mid-January to mid –February. It is a large scale... Read more »

Palmachim beach. Photo: Dov Greenblat SPNI

Our beach is back and it’s here to stay!

February 24, 2016
In recent weeks SPNI celebrated two major victories in its ongoing campaign to ensure Israel’s coastline remains free and... Read more »


Barn Owls swoop into the Davos World Economic Forum

February 23, 2016
On January 22 nd , 2016, Prof. Yossi Leshem (Tel Aviv University and SPNI)  and Prof. Alexandre Roulin (University of... Read more »

Israel National Trail on Google Street View

Israel National Trail now Online on Google Street View

January 24, 2016
SPNI is thrilled to announce that as of 24.1.16   the Israel National Trail is available on Google Street View so that... Read more »


SPNI snapshot: Successes and Challenges

January 18, 2016
  Thanks to your support 2015 was a successful and memorable year for SPNI. As we get ready to celebrate Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish... Read more »