Knesset marks "Environment Day"

The Israeli Knesset will mark Tuesday, June 4th, as "Environmental Day". Initiated by Life and Environment, which is considered the umbrella for all environmental organizations in Israel the day will be filled of discussions in different Knesset committees, including the Finance Committee, the State Control Committee, the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, the Labor, Health and Welfare committee and more. Representatives of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) and other environmental organizations will participate in additional discussions and will meet with the Minister for Environmental Protection, Amir Peretz. Among the topics we will address: Creating electricity from renewable energy, protecting the coastal environment, community gardens, the state of public beaches and more.

SPNI the oldest and largest environmental organization in Israel, founded in 1953, is celebrating it's 60th year. SPNI works to preserve Israel's natural landscape, to increase awareness of the land and to strengthen the connection between Israel's people and the land through several means: Education, management and running of environmental campaigns, lobbying of decision makers, legal action, operations in planning committees, public awareness, touring throughout the country and more. Throughout our six decades of activity, SPNI has received international recognition, countless awards, and has brought about many environmental achievements.

As a result of SPNI's efforts, entire regions and open spaces have been saved from development, preventing the irreversible damage to Israel's beautiful and unique landscape. Countless nature sites remain accessible, providing leisure for Israel's residents and tourists alike, who enjoy traveling, vacationing, and hiking. 

We salute the Knesset for seeing the importance of environmental protection and look forward to more environmental successes!