JBO News: Golden Orioles in the Golden City

Golden Orioles

This spring there has been an amazing number of the beautiful Golden Orioles migrating through Israel.  Here at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory we usually count ourselves lucky to ring one or two of these fantastic birds each year.  This month we have ringed a total of 12 birds so far and have many more flying around the site.  Our mulberry trees are full of fruit and the orioles are having a feast.  

The Eurasian Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus) is a medium sized songbird that breed in the deciduous forests of Europe. They tend to be rather shy birds who forage for insects and berries high up in the tops of trees. Although their beautiful song can be often heard in their breeding grounds they can be hard to see.

The hebrew name for the Golden Oriole is zahavan - the golden one. To see so many wonderful golden birds in the City of Gold has made for a very exciting spring at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.