Israel's Seaspiracy

Planet earth in a net with fish freshly caught from the ocean

Seaspiracy in Israel

 “The Blue Half”: SPNI’s Marine Project to Protect Nature and the Sea

The new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy has made waves around the world, including in Israel, and paints a gloomy picture of the global fishing industry and fish consumption.

Since 2012, we at SPNI’s “The Blue Half” project have been working from the understanding, based on science and data, that fishing is the number one threat to our oceans. Naturally, this is alongside other hazards like pollution, the fossil fuel industry, climate change, and biological invasions.

We promote fishing-free marine nature reserves and the effective management of Israel’s fishing industry through restrictions that determine where, when, and how fishing can take place, and which entail a significant reduction in fishing activity, including the size of fishing fleets and the volume of fishing that can occur at a specific time and place. In parallel, we also work to minimize the damage caused by the natural gas industry, aquaculture, and other infrastructures, including beachside developments such as new marinas. 

Fishing is hunting at sea. It has severe ecological consequences, both for the “non-target” species that are captured as “bycatch” and for the functioning of the ecosystem as a whole. Marine fish play an important role in protecting the health of our planet, including through carbon fixation, maintaining water quality, and as a source of inspiration and pleasure for educational, leisure, and tourism activities. We do not entirely reject fishing, for human livelihoods and subsistence, or as a recreational activity. However, these activities need to be closely managed, and, to justify their legitimacy, must be subject to strict regulations and tough, effective enforcement, as detailed below.

In terms of fish consumption, we advocate for reducing consumption of wildlife in general, and of fish in particular, as set out below.


Click the link here to learn how many of the issues raised in the documentary are being handled in Israel.

SeaSpiracy Israel - “The Blue Half”: SPNI’s Marine Project to Protect Nature and the Sea

We have collated some of the issues that were raised in Seaspiracy and mapped out how things stand with these issues in Israel, as well as what we are doing about them, and how we can have a positive impact on our oceans.

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