IDF Cuts Back On Environmental Education

As IDF Cuts Back, Ben Gurion's Legacy of Soldier-Teachers Is Threatened

Ben Gurion left the State of Israel many legacies. One that SPNI still holds dear today is a unit of soldiers who work with the Ministry of Education. Known as soldier-teachers, these young women work throughout the country to provide all kinds of education, especially in underprivileged communities. A number of soldier-teachers work with SPNI, in field schools and eco-community centers throughout the country. Some get there start as volunteers during their service year before the army. They are all dedicated to the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and our values: Educate. Love. Protect. 

Despite the challenges the IDF currently faces cutting this unit from the army will effect thousands of children across the country. SPNI is hopeful that this unit will continue to protect the natural State of Israel.

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