Fish Talk

This dolphin has something to say! (Photo credit: Tzvika Livnat)

SPNI is proud to have played a part in supporting Tzvikah (Ziggy) Livnat's new film which gives the sea life of Eilat's coral reef a voice. After years of planning, Ziggy has finally completed a film of Eilat's underwater world. An Eilat resident for many years, Ziggy wanted to bring attention to the effect of tourism on Eilat's sea life and coral reef. Snorkelers, scuba divers and tourists all have an effect on the reef and the sea life. Now Ziggy has given the fish a chance to speak for themselves.

The voices of several famous Israeli actors have been dubbed over Ziggy's footage, synced with the fish's movements as though the fish are speaking.

Ziggy believes that the Eilat Reef is a national treasure, unique to the whole world. He hopes the film will be a useful educational tool to raise awareness of damage to the reef and prevent further pollution of Eilat Bay (the Gulf of Aqaba).

"I struggled to find clean shots without garbage, such as cigarettes and plastic bags," he said. Ziggy said he lost track of the days and nights he spent filming underwater in Eilat, with his executive producer and screenwriter, following the marine life. "It's no small thing to film a movie underwater," he said. "It's not like you can tell the turtle to stop or please turn a little to the left."

Many visitors are often unaware of the damage they unintentionally cause by standing on the coral or bumping into the reef. The film is only part of a platform to raise awareness and help educate the public about damage to Eilat's beautiful marine life. The appeal of the film will especially be for children, combining entertainment with an important message of environmental conservation.

For Ziggy, the creation and completion of this movie was a dream come true. "But my big dream," he said, "is that we act as one to save the coral reefs and preserve Israeli nature."

We are so glad that SPNI could contribute to Ziggy's dream and we wish Ziggy and the film great success!


[Watch a short clip of the film here- in Hebrew.]