Fences Threaten Biodiversity

Gazelle in Gazelle Valley [Photo Credit: Amir Balaban]

An increase in the amount of fences in the Judaen Hills threatens wildlife and biodiversity. Fences, which are built to protect agriculture or construction projects segment the remaining open spaces at the center of the country. Dividing these open spaces limits the movements of animals in the area, cutting them off from food, water or each other. Smaller areas increase the likelihood of disease for enclosed animal populations and threaten their ability to reproduce.

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is working with businesses in the area to help reduce the amount of fencing necessary in the area. SPNI is constantly working to protect open areas and Israel's biodiversity. By protecting these assets, SPNI is protecting the natural ecosystems and ecological services that nature provides to support fertile land, potable water and clean air, all necessary for human survival.

SPNI's Open Landscape Institute finds increased amount of fences - Haaretz