Ashdod Industrial Site Receives Approval Despite Environmental Concerns/Industrial Zone on Last Ashdod Dune Gets Go-ahead

Article from the Jerusalem Post

A plan to create an industrial zone in the sand dunes of Ashdod have been approved.  There were over 3,000 complaints, several alternative proposals, and expert opinions  filed against this plan by citizens, SPNI, and the Public Forum for the Environment in Ashdod.  The sand dunes are home to various plants and animals, some of which are endangered.  These species could be driven extinct by the development.  The sycamore trees, which are promoted for preservation, will undergo the most damage.  These trees also provide a vital buffer and habitat for many different types of species including migrating birds.  The company that will be developing the industrial zone, Abu Yechiel, claims that the plan is environmentally safe.

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