Appeals Committee Rejects Plans for Nahsholim resort

SPNI supports the decision of the appeals committee to preserve Nahsholim beach for public access

The appeals committee of the National Council for Planning and Building rejected a proposal to build a large resort complex at Nahsholim beach. The Mediterranean beach will be preserved public access.

Deputy Environmental Protection Minister Ofir Akunis applauded the decision, "This is a clear victory for all Israeli residents, who will benefit from an open beach for every citizen[...]. In a crowded country like ours that will only become more crowded, we must do our utmost to keep as many beaches as possible open to the public – for the benefit of our children and generations to come."

Nahsholim beach is between Caesaria and Haifa on the Mediterranean coast. Just north of Ma'agan Micha'el, the beach attracts migratory and local birds which Israel has an international obligation to protect.

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel supported the decision, calling it "brave."

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