The Hazeva Field School is a gem in the desert- located at the very heart of the Middle Arava regional council. Known for its warm hospitality and quaint environment, the field school provides a rustic haven for any traveler- young and old. Hazeva is located on the main road 90, just 1.5 hours north of Eilat and 1.5 hours south of Beer Sheva and is easy to access both by private car and public transportation.

Touring in the Area

 The Hazeva field school offers a wide variety of tours in the surrounding areas.  The guides are friendly, impressively knowledgeable, and offer experiences you will not soon forget. All guides are either professional guides, academics or student researchers pursuing advanced degrees and have been approved by the Israel Ministry of Education, and are experts in leading tours and hikes through the Arava, the Negev and the Judean deserts, as well as the mountains of Eilat.  The guided tours are specifically suited to groups.  Guided tours are also available for school trips, long hikes, family tours and ecological camps.

Evening activities and lectures

  • Wild animal tracking tours at Shezaf Nature Reserve.
  • Full moon tours in the Wadi Arava badlands.
  • Evenings in the desert with Bedouin stories and traditions, baking of pita bread and drinking herbal tea around the campfire.
  • Nighttime tours to the biblical city of Tamar (modern day Ir Ovot).
  • Lectures: Birds, The Babblers research, the desert nocturnal animals, flash floods and more.

Recommended tours

Babbler research tour:

The Babbler has made its home in the Arava. This tour, led by Oded Keynan introduces you to the complex life of the Arabian Babbler (pictured right). Participants will watch, learn and even feed them close-up. Tours should be booked in advance. The tour starts both at sunrise and just before sunset and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. In addition to experiencing the babbler, travelers will take a short hike through Ein Gidron and learn about local plant and insect life.

The Hazeva field school is the home base of renowned professor and zoologist Amotz Zahavi. Zahavi is the Co-Founder of the SPNI, along with Azaria Alon. For the past three decades Professor Zahavi has been researching the life of the Arabian Babbler, a cooperative breeding bird that lives in the Arava. As a result of his research, Zahavi developed a theory known as the "Handicap Principle" which provides a look into the reasoning behind the excessive decoration of male species in the wild.

Arava Research and Development station (Yair station):

The Research and Development tour exposes participants to different cutting edge agricultural experiments and methods being used in the Arava on a variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and fish.  Learn about the unbelievable true story of the world’s most coveted and technologically advanced agricultural economy which has literally made the desert bloom.


The field school is managed by Dorit Avihar. Originally from the area, Dorit and her husband Yonatan have created a feeling of "home away from home" and guests are welcomed with the utmost of hospitality.

 The field school provides the following services to travelers:

  • Guided tours and journeys to the Arava and the Negev deserts
  • Bird watching tours with professional ornithologists
  • Bicycle tours in the desert
  • A modern, reasonably priced hostel with all of the amenities
  • Lecture rooms
  • Meals
  • Free information


Directions: Turn at the Hazeva Junction off of road 90 (Kilometer marking 155). The field school is immediately on your left, and can be seen from the road. Hazeva field school is accessible by public transportation (all busses to and from Eilat). Bus stop: Hazeva Junction

Phone: 08-658-1549/76

If you would like to book accomodations at Hazeva, please contact Teleteva, our reservations hotline.

Teleteva operating  hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00-17:00 IST (Israel Standard Time)

Friday: 9:00-14:00 IST

Phone: +972 3 638 86 88

The Hazeva Field School is here to educate and instill a lasting interest in protecting and valuing Israel’s unique desert environment!