The Golan Field School, located in Katzrin, is situated in the heart of the Golan Heights. Known for its abundance of nature and breathtaking hiking trails, the Golan provides the perfect backdrop for the field school's wide array of activities. 
Nahal Katzrin

Nahal Katzrin, or the Katzrin Stream, runs within the boundaries of the field school. During the winter months, a bustling waterfall provides a steady flow of water as it flows downstream past the field school. Up until now, the banks of the stream have been difficult to access and trekkers would have to descend down an unmarked, often risky, path.

 At the initiative of the field school's guides, a decision was made to clear away excess brush and create a clear path. Complete with bulldozers and heavy equipment, the guides worked tirelessly to clear away heavy rocks mark a clear trail from the river banks behind the field school to the waterfall just 1 km away.  As of July, 2012, the entirety of the new trail was opened to the public, bringing the residents of Katzrin and visitors closer to nature and revealing the beauty of Nahal Katzrin. We congratulate the Golan Field School on their achievement!

Even the Birds Feel Right at Home

The recreation room of the field school serves as a social hall, lecture hall, game room, movie theater, and even as a nesting site for local birds! Local birds began to construct nests throughout the hall, which provides safety for the baby birds in the time after they hatch. So, how did they get there in the first place? During the spring and summer months, the automatic doors remain open. However, during the cold winter months, the doors are closed and the automatic sensors are activated. The birds realized that these sensors were their way in and out, so they began to fly in front of the sensors until the doors opened. To this day, these birds continue to let themselves in and out as they please.

Faces of the Field

Every year, high school graduates make the choice of deferring their army service for one year and devoting their "gap year" to community service. After training, these young guides are stationed at the field school and provide guided tours to the groups coming to visit. Even from within their army service they can continue to guide at the field school as "morot hayalot"- soldiers who teach. 
In addition to the guides, there is also a team of researchers who specialize in the areas of biology, botany, and regional ancient and contemporary history. The researchers are always in the field, and they often are the first responders to any irregularities occurring in nature, such as the occurrence of dead fish in the rivers or dwindling field mice populations, which often represent a deeper issue. Since much of the land is under the auspices of the Parks and Nature Authority, they have a very close working relationship with the field school.


 During the week, the field school hosts mainly groups who come to tour the Golan. Groups that lodge at the field school range from high schools to Birthright and long term programs for overseas students, such as Ramah. On Shabbat, families come to enjoy a relaxing weekend in nature. The campus's close proximity of hiking trails provides the perfect getaway for Sabbath observant guests. 
Modern, air-conditioned rooms host between 6-7 people and while the dining room maintains its kosher standard, it is equipped to accommodate special requests for Glatt and Mehadrin meals. The Golan Field School is the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to tour the magical Golan Heights.

Directions: The field school is located at the southern end of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.
From the South: from Tzemach Junction- turn on to Road 92 (from the road that is east of the Sea of Galilee). Follow the signs to the city of Katzrin (or Qazrin). 

From the North: from Mahanayim Junction- turn onto road 91, going east. After about 20 minutes you'll arrive to the southern end of the city of Katzrin, where the field school is located.

Phone: 04-696-1234 

If you would like to book accomodations at Golan, please contact Teleteva, our reservations hotline. Since there are a large number of groups staying at the field school that require careful planning from the field school staff, cancellations are highly discouraged

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