Nature Israel Mission November 2022

“Israel is literally dotted with lovely corners and even a few species that would have long ago disappeared without SPNI's uncompromising voice.” Pollution in a Promised Land, an environmental history of Israel – Professor Alon Tal

You are invited to join us in November 2022 to see some of these corners and species –  the amazing biodiversity and unique habitats – that we all work hard to protect.

For veteran SPNI supporters, this week is a chance for us to show you how thankful we are for your generosity. We will take you to enjoy Israel’s finest nature and share with you the inside story of how you’ve made a difference to our country.

For first-timers to Israel and SPNI, you’ll see a different, beautiful side to Israel that you never realized existed while learning about the work of Israel’s leading environmental organization.

Enjoy a week of unique insights, beautiful nature, 5-star accommodation, great company and amazing food.

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