Nature Tours and Vacations, September - October 2018

  • Family Trips and Activities

Saturday, September 22 – The Prehistoric Caves at the Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve

Carmel area. Photo Dov Greenblat

Take a guided tour of this important UNESCO listed cave network, which served as the home of prehistoric humans over 500,000 years ago!  Guests will be led along the circular “Botanical” trail that runs through native Mediterranean vegetation and will enjoy majestic views of the Carmel, the coastal plains, and the sea.

Members: Adults – ILS 64,

Children – ILS 50
Non-members: Adults – ILS 77,

Children – ILS 60 
Booking code: 11220918

Tuesday, September 25 (Intermediate Days of Sukkot) – Full Moon Tour in the Judean Desert

Experience the Judean Desert like never before!  As the sun sets, we will tour Mount Sodom, which is formed from salt, and then watch as the stars appear in the sky, reflecting their brilliant light on the waters of Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth.  Guided by the light of the full moon, we will wind our way through the flour caves and the narrow gorge of Nahal Pratzim.

Members: ILS 46
Non-members: ILS 56
Booking code: 42509184

Tuesday, September 25 (Intermediate Days of Sukkot) – Bird Watching Tour in the Beit She’an Valley

Pelicans. Photo Dov Greenblat

Visiting Beit She’an Valley at the height of the migration season is one of the natural wonders of the world!  Led by Nadav Israeli, one of our internationally acclaimed ornithological guides, we will see thousands of migrating birds, including raptors, storks, pelicans, songbirds and many others.

Members: ILS 55  
Non-members: ILS 65
Booking code: 92509189

Friday, September 28 – Guided tour of Ancient Acre

Acre. Photo Sivan Arbel

While touring one of Israel’s oldest and most historic cities, we will learn about Napoleon Bonaparte’s failed siege, the turning point of his conquest of the Middle East.  We will also visit the Eastern Market, the Hall of Knight’s, the Templar Tunnel, and the Inn of the Columns before concluding at the old lighthouse. 

Includes entrance to the Hall of Knights and the Templar Tunnels

Members: Adults – ILS 73 NIS,

Children – ILS 68 


Non-members: Adults – ILS 88, Children – ILS 82
Booking code: 22809182

Sunday, September 30 – A Unique Bird Ringing Experience at Kibbutz Ma’agen Michael

Maagan Michael. Photo Dov Greenblat

A magical experience for the whole family! Our tour will begin with a morning walk to the serene fish ponds of Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael, which attract many species – indigenous and migrating birds alike.

Participants will get up close and personal with the birds, taking part in ringing and marking them.  We will also stroll towards the beach to enjoy nature at its best.

Guided by Ma'agan Michael Birding Center

Members: ILS 85
Non-members: ILS 102
Booking code: 11300918

Saturday, October 6 – Tour of Masada for the Whole Family

Masada. Photo Dov Greenblat

This tour of Masada, which towers 400 meters above the Dead Sea level, is suitable for the whole family and will feature an interactive history of the world-famous fortress – from the original vision of its builder King Herod to its infamous end.  After ascending by foot along the path taken by the Roman soldiers who captured it, we will explore water cisterns and columns at the summit, as well as uncover some of the secret hiding places.  We will descend through the rift valley on Elazar path.

Members: ILS 46
Non-members: ILS 56   
Booking code: 40610184


  • Adult Tours

Thursday evening, September 6 – Selichot Tour of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter

Jerusalem. Photo Dov Greenblat

During these days of introspection and prayer, we will tour Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter with the help of characters from history (professional actors), who will use texts to help us better understand diverse Jewish customs and history.  We will begin at the Jaffa Gate and make our way to Beit Plugot Hakotel, where we will learn about the struggle for the right to blow the shofar on Yom Kippur eve at the Western Wall during the British Mandate.  After walking along the Cardo and winding through the alleys of the Jewish Quarter, we will hear from a paratrooper who participated in the battle to liberate Jerusalem.  At the Hurva Synagogue, we will "meet" Tehila, a character out of a book by the late author Shmuel Yosef Agnon, who will present the customs of Jerusalemites in the 19th century.  After visiting the impressive houses of the nobility and the priests in the Herodian Quarter, we will hear fascinating stories about the High Priest during the Second Temple period and consider our own requests for the new year.

Members: ILS 88
Non-members: ILS 105
Booking code:  70609187

Saturday, September 15 – Hiking from Kfar Hasidim to Alon Valley (Fit hikers)

Israel National Trail, Carmel. Photo Dov Greenblat

Beginning at Kfar Hasidim, we will set out along the Israel National Trail towards the Carmel.  After passing through Yagur, we will ascend the Ma'apilim Stream between the groves of trees, tracing the path taken by the illegal immigrants to Israel during the British Mandate (only in the opposite direction).  We will then pass an unmarked monument, continue on to the outskirts of Isfiya, and trek down to the Hek Stream, a beautiful and somewhat challenging trail with high rock steps between tall groves.  Our journey will conclude with a relaxing walk in the Alon Valley, where we will witness the restorative powers of nature following the wildfires.

Guided by of Tzachi Globin

Members: ILS 175
Non-members: ILS 205
Booking code:  71509188

Tuesday, September 25 (Interim days of Sukkot) – Garden of Eden in the Desert (Fit Hikers)

Prat Stream. Photo Sivan Arbel

Prat Stream is often referred to as “heaven on earth.”  Water flows from the mountain to the desert continuously throughout the year, creating a variety of inviting pools.  Walking along the lower (and lesser-known) part of the Prat Stream, we will descend to the lower spring in the Qelt Spring.  From there, we will hike the length of the stream until we reach Ein Mabu'a, a unique and beautiful bubbling spring!

Guided by the Ofra Field School

Arrival in private vehicles; Includes security and entrance to the reserve
Members: ILS 88
Non-members: ILS 106
Booking code:  82509188

Saturday, October 13 – Hiking from Beit Jann to Meron (Fit Hikers)

Meron Mountain. Photo Dov Greenblat

Beginning from Beit Jann, which sits at an altitude of close to 1,000 meters above sea level, we will make our descent to Ein Gerna spring, where we will climb among the trees in the Kziv Stream until we reach the river head.  We will continue along a scenic road towards Ein Zebed and follow the Upper Meron stream to Moshav Meron.

Guided by of Eyal Farkash

Bus transportation provided
Members: ILS 175
Non-members: ILS 250
Booking code:  71310183

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Monday-Tuesday, September 10-11 (Rosh Hashana) – Beginning the Year in the Desert

Og Stream. Photo Sivan Arbel

Kick off the New Year by exploring the wonders of the desert!  This two-day adventure will begin with a hike (a circular route) through the cool and refreshing Kina Stream.  We will then visit the Bedouin village of Dorijat to learn about the local culture over a cup of tea.  After dinner, a Desert Survival Workshop will be provided for every member of the family.

On the second day, we will hike along the Og Stream, one of the most impressive rivers in the Judean Desert.  Upon reaching the opening to the Lower Og Gorge, we will climb iron pegs to navigate our way through the breathtaking waterfalls.

Guided by of the Ein Gedi Field School; Lodging at the Ein Gedi Field School

Half-board; Arrival in private vehicles
Members: Adults – ILS 454, Children – ILS 320
Non-members: Adults – ILS 545, Children – ILS 384

Booking code:  41009184


Tuesday-Wednesday, September 25-26 (Interim days of Sukkot) – Canyons in the Desert

Gov Stream. Photo Or Rozenbach

Prepare to fall in love with the magic of the desert.  Let the peace and quiet of the tranquil environment, countless twinkling stars, vast open spaces, and fragrant acacia trees rejuvenate your spirit, while the challenging hike invigorates your mind and body.

The first day will begin at the Gov Stream, where participants will climb ladders up the natural rock formations while admiring the diverse flora and fauna.  In the evening after dinner, we will use lanterns to explore the white marlstones of the Idan Stream before camping out for the night under the stars at the Hatzeva Field School campground.  The following morning, we will hike the Barak stream, including a challenging and exciting descent into the deep gorge.

Guided by the Hatzeva Field School; Lodging on the grounds of the Hatzeva Field School

Half-board, Arrival in private vehicles

Members: Adults – ILS 222, Children – ILS 193

Non-members: Adults – ILS 267, Children – ILS 232

Booking code:  51250918

Friday-Saturday, October 26-27 – Families Hiking the Golan Trail for the Great Autumn Bloom

Large Sternbergia. Photo Dov Greenblat

Autumn is the perfect time to hike the Golan Trail!  On Friday, we will visit the southern part of Tel Khushniya and the Golan Iris Reserve.  On Saturday, we will ascend the northern part of the ridge, where we will be able to see beyond Mt. Hermon and the Syrian Golan Heights, before hiking downhill towards the Circassian village of Joiza.  Throughout the trek we will enjoy spectacular panoramic views and the blossoming of the region’s gorgeous flora, specifically the Feinbrun's autumn crocus and Yellow autumn crocus. 

Guided by the Golan and Hermonim Field Schools; Lodging at the Golan Field School

Half-board; Arrival in private vehicles

Members: Adults – ILS 372, Children – ILS 251

Non-members: Adults – ILS 447, Children – ILS 302

Booking code: 12610181


To register please contact or call +972(0)3-6388688 

Please note that all tours are guided in Hebrew.