Hiking Suggestions: Pesach Holiday

If you are reading this you probably love Israel and its nature. If you are fortunate enough to be visiting over the Passover holidays (or anytime really) we have a list of suggestions for visits or hikes to the special places cared for by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Remember to wear a hat, comfortable shoes and take plenty of water! 

Jerusalem: Gazelle Valley

Gazelle Valley - Amir Balaban

Israel’s premium urban nature site is located in the heart of the city by Pat Junction. Easily accessible by public or private transport this urban oasis is a must visit. Observe the gazelle herd freely moving about, enjoy the incredible plant life or just enjoy cooling your heels in the wading pool. The Gazelle Valley has become a natural mecca for Jerusamelites and Israelis from across the country. Come see what all the fuss is about. Click here to find it on Google Maps.  

Jerusalem: Har Heret

The focus of one of SPNI’s current environmental campaigns, Har Heret is part of Jerusalem’s green lung and is under threat. We invite you to experience the natural beauty of the area by hiking the 5km circular trail of orchards and ancient agricultural terraces. The trail starts at Gan Kipod on Derech HaHoresh. More information can be found here

Tel Aviv: Ariel Sharon Park

View from the Hiriya


The Ariel Sharon Park was the site of one of Israel’s largest landfills. Now rehabilitated as a beautiful park and environmental education center, it is now a 2,000 acre green lung for Tel Aviv and the surrounding metropolis, full of different hiking trails of all lengths and difficulties. For more information about visiting the park click here



Eilat: Birding and Research Center

We’re currently experiencing the second wave of the spring bird migration; dozens of different species are currently stopping in Eilat to fuel up before flying north. If you are in Eilat visit Noam Weiss and the team at the International Bird and Research Center in Eilat. For more information click here.

Haifa: Wadi Siah

Haifa Wadi

For many years SPNI has been working with the public to make Haifa’s forested Wadis  (dry riverbeds) accessible for Haifa’s local population. If visiting Haifa we recommend hiking Wadi Siah, a trail full of nature and history. The hike starts in the middle of the city on Lotus Street and descends down Mount Carmel until Shlomo HaMelech Street where you can catch a bus back up the mountain. More information can be found here.