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 December 2017- January 2018

“Crater Country” on the Israel National Trail – Saturday, December 23 

Makhtesh Ramon Photo Maor Bakal

Find out why thousands of hikers from around the world are crazy about the Israel National Trail by tackling one of its wild desert sections.

The route traverses one of the most stunning areas of “Crater Country,” including “The Big Fin," a trail that begins with a fairly steep uphill slope dotted with inclined rock layers and a wonderful panorama of the Oron region, the Hatira spring and the Great Crater. We will also take a slightly challenging walk along the ridge above the crater and descend into a dry wadi.

Total route length: 7 km
Guided by Eyal Farkash
Price per person, including bus transfer from and back to Tel Aviv:

SPNI Member 270NIS / 79$, Guest 324NIS / 94$

To register please email or call +(972) (0)3-6388688

Southern (Tel Aviv) Exposure: Urban Culture and Foodies Tour – Saturday, December 30 

Tel Aviv Photo Dov Greenblat.

Southern Tel Aviv boasts a fascinating mosaic of nationalities, religions and cultures – native Israelis and new immigrants of all ages living alongside jobseekers from Asia and Africa.

We will tour the Shapira, Neve Sha’anan and Florentine neighborhoods, meeting the local residents, learning about unfamiliar cultures, and tasting Eritrean and Sudanese cuisine.

Guided by Ayelet Nahum

Price per person:

SPNI Member 140 NIS / 41$,

Guest NIS / 49$

To register please email or call +(972) (0)3-6388688


Journey to the Center of the Earth (Tour for Families) – Saturday, January 6  

Makhtesh Ramon, Israel. Photo: Dov Greenblat.

Known as “Makhteshim,” the Negev craters are unique geological phenomena – the largest and deepest craters in the world. We will tour Makhtesh Ramon to discover the multicolored sandstone and the remains of a deep ocean and rock formations dating back two hundred and twenty million years!
We will also hike a circular desert route along the Nekarot stream, which begins at the Saharonim Inn, the remains of an ancient travelers' inn on the famous Nabatean Spice Route, where camel caravans, nomads and merchants stopped and replenished their water and food supply while crossing the Negev desert.

Later, we will tour the Nekarot grotto, where we will enter a small gorge between huge boulders and desert vegetation, and make our way to Ein Saharonim, a small spring that feeds on the area’s high groundwater and is highly affected by seasonal floods.
Towards the end the day, we will arrive at the “Stone, Wind & Water" site, a unique area in the heart of the crater where colorful sands are collected in large heaps.

Using glass bottles, we will create magnificent sand designs – the perfect keepsake for a spectacular day.
Total route length 4.5 km
Price per person: SPNI Member 68NIS / 20$, Guest 89NIS / 26$

To register please email or call +(972) (0)3-6388688

A Special Desert Challenge Weekend (for Fit Hikers)

Friday, January 5 - Saturday, January 6 

Ein Yarkam photo Dov Greenblat.

Friday:“All the Colors of the Makhtesh” – A stunningly colorful trail that includes a moderate ascent to a wonderful panorama of the Makhtesh and a visit to a water spot located at the heart of the desert.

We will hike along the Hatira stream towards the green oasis of Ein Yarkam. From there, we will continue on to an observation spot overlooking the high (and dry) waterfall at the top of the Wadi. We will then hike the “fin trail,” which includes a 15-minute climb to a magnificent observation point.

From there we will descend using assistive pegs and hike around the colorful sands. At the end of this 6 km route, we will drive to the Hatzeva Field School in the Arava region, where we will spend the night.

Saturday:“Arava Canyons Challenge” – A challenging trail in the Tamar and Tzafit canyons, two of the most beautiful canyons in the northern Arava region.

At the Tamar stream canyon, we will use ladders, pegs and ropes to climb up the dry waterfalls. While exiting the canyon, we will enjoy a high panoramic trail overlooking the Arava region. We will then descend the Tzafit stream ravine and hike along the narrow canyon using assistive pegs.

Accommodations: At the Hatzeva Field School, in comfortable guest rooms with en suite bathroom and shower.Hatzeva field school. Photo Dov Greenblat

Price per person:

SPNI Member 890NIS / 259$,

Guest 1068NIS /311$

The price includes:

  • Bus transfer from and back to Tel Aviv.
  • Accommodation at the Hatzeva field school in a double occupancy room.
  • Friday night dinner and breakfast on Saturday morning at the field school, 
  • as well as a packed lunch on Saturday.


To register please email or call +(972) (0)3-6388688


In addition to the above tours, we offer English-language guided hikes and tours on request, including during weekdays, to groups of 20 people or more

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