Water for Nature

In recent years, SPNI's EPD has targeted water issues by bringing the water campaign to a national focus through the combined energies of every SPNI employee and volunteer. Water issues in Israel are vast, spanning from residential, industrial and agricultural water conservation, implemented via public awareness and lobbying campaigns, to sustainable planning recommendations for how water is allotted in Israel by the National Water Authority - as everything trickles down from there, ultimately impacting not only the Kinneret and the Dead Sea, but the entire system of rivers and streams in Israel.

Rehabilitation of Israel’s Rivers

Israel's Rivers and Wetlands have changed beyond recognition. Rivers and wetlands have become dumping grounds for sewage, industrial and agricultural runoff. With the advent of water desalination as a significant new source of potable water, Israel has a historic opportunity to reduce the amount of water taken from natural sources and reallocate it back to nature.

SPNI's River Rehabilitation Campaign brings experts including hydrologists and ecologists who have strategically researched the issues and developed a national sustainable water plan which proposes solutions. The plan defines the quantity of water needed to rehabilitate streams to ensure long-term security. It has been adopted by the Israel Water Authority and approved by the government. 

SPNI Strategy
  • To promote a national plan to rehabilitate Israel’s rivers and streams and raise the issue of the state of rivers within the public discourse.
  • To change to the Water Law which will lead to the 
rehabilitation and sustainable management of Israel’s water resources, the  restoration of water flow in rivers and more transparency and public involvement in the decision making process.
  • To promote increased water conservation and efficiency in the private sector.
  • To encourage the use of grey water where appropriate.
  • To curb pumping from coastal aquifers.
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Video about SPNI's efforts in Ashdod