The long term management of the energy sector is significant for Israel’s economy, society and environment. Despite its importance, to many observers it appears that Israel’s energy sector is operating without a long term plan.

Until recently Israel’s energy production was largely based on coal-fueled power stations, which have a high environmental impact mainly through atmospheric emissions contributing to air pollution and global warming. With the recent discoveries of natural gas in Israel’s economic waters there is now an opportunity to revolutionize Israel’s energy industry by replacing coal with natural gas while fulfilling Israel’s international commitments to increase the amount of renewable energy used. New energy policy and infrastructure development has to be crafted and regulated properly to protect Israel’s nature and unique biodiversity.

SPNI's position is that the fundamental principles of the energy economy policy in Israel should be transtition to an energy economy based on natural gas, to encourage conservation through education, and optimization of energy uses.

The Environmental Protection Department is exploring this new territory. SPNI believes in the necessity of developing Israel's energy economy. We insist it be done responsibly. To accomplish these goals, SPNI serves as an active member on many national and local infrastructure committees, taking a lead in influencing legislation, position papers and professional publications. We also focus on building effective coalitions and keeping the issue in a high profile within the media. 

How you can help:
Your support will enable continued assessment of the environmental cost for new energy initiatives. It will also help futher research and sustain public campaigns against potential environmentally-damaging and irresponsible development of the marine and coastal environment. If you would like to discuss ways you, your foundation, or your community can help us, please click here or contact your local representative.  

SPNI’s Strategy:

  • To prepare a master plan for the energy sector in cooperation involved in environmental protection. 
  • To encourage energy saving and energy efficiency across the country and promote the use of the environmentally friendlier natural gas and renewable energy.
  • To amend the 1952 Petroleum Act to take into account the environment and improve transparency and the public’s role in determining energy policy.

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