Environmental Protection Department (EPD)

The importance of the SPNI emerges when one tries to imagine what the country would have looked like if the organization did not exist and did not struggle for the past 60 years for the preservation of nature, flora and fauna, and heritage sites. Sixty years later, SPNI remains ever ready to continue the struggle in new and innovative ways, instilling an eco-conscience in Israeli culture, government and planning.

SPNI’s pioneering role in finding creative solutions has become critical. Preserving Israel’s fragile ecosystem has reached a degree of urgency that demands immediate action. The range and the gravity of the issues have been increasing and the outcome of each of them has the potential to impact the future of the country for generations to come. SPNI's board, staff and volunteers welcome your involvement in our ongoing campaigns to protect Israel's future. Please contact us to become involved in protecting and preserving the Land of Israel and its environment.