Alon Tavor

Alon Tavor Field School

The Alon Tavor field school is situated at the foot of historic Mount Tavor in the heart of the lower Galilee, in the heart of one of Israel's most beautiful nature reserves. From the gates of the field school you can take a walking tour of the Beit Qeshet  and Alonei Tavor (Oak) forests,  the Tavor stream, and enjoy the beautiful blossoms present in the spring time.

The field school provides a breathtaking views its ideal location enables easy access to the following trails: family trails, experienced hiker trails, bike trails, trails through water, wildflowers and more that are located within walking distance or a short drive from the grounds. 

Alon Tavor boasts an amazing natural setting and easy access to the Tavor winery, a Bedouin museum, and the Golani infantry unit. Built on the landscaped slope of the mountain, buried in a national forest, Alon Tavor Field School is the perfect home base for touring the Galilee and the Jezreel Valley. 

Staying at the field school is a great way to connect to nature’s beauty, to camp with all of the comforts of home, and to enjoy the company of those you are with. There’s something about simplicity that provides the perfect opportunity to stop, take a look around, breathe a deep breath, and for a moment forget all of the gadgets and responsibilities that seem to nag us on an endless basis. The Alon Tavor field school is the perfect place to accomplish all of the above, and more.


When checking into your room, you’ll be greeted by a warm friendly face. If David, the manager, happens to be in the office, say hello and introduce yourself! His genuine care for you, for nature, and for your comfort will ensure that you have the most pleasant experience. The grounds have 32 guest rooms, sleeping up to six and each equipped with a refrigerator and sink, a full bathroom and air conditioning. There are separate living quarters for the facility’s keepers and the 12 charismatic nature guides who are serving their time either as army teachers or community service volunteers at Alon Tavor.

Alon Tavor offers full board, including traditional Israeli breakfast and home cooked meals that will make you smile. All levels of Kashrut are observed and one just needs to coordinate in advance if anything other than standard Kosher is required. There is a spacious dining room, two lounges (one with WiFi and both with cable TV), a synagogue equipped with a Torah scroll, and many picnic tables scattered around should you choose to have a picnic.

The field school is the perfect getaway on your next trip to Israel- whether with your family, with friends, or with a group of people. During the week, school groups and field schools make up a large part of the guests, and weekends provide a joyous ambiance, with families spending time together and the sounds of children playing in the vast lawns near the guest rooms. David recommends staying at the field school on Thursday night, as it is not yet the weekend and it is after the rush of the weekly school trips. Plan your next group trip or family vacation in the Galilee at Alon Tavor!  

Making a difference -- Given its proximity to the Kinneret, HarArbel Cliff, Nazareth and Tiberias, Alon Tavor Field School also serves as tour guide headquarters for the region with trained nature guides offering group and private tours. National service volunteers spend the year at Alon Tavor, truly a hub of northern tourism.

Directions: Turn at Kaduri Junction (located between Kfar Tavor and Golani Junction) After the "Alon Dor" gas station, turn right before the Kaduri school. 

For those coming from the North/Golani Junction: Turn right at Kaduri Junction

For those coming from the South/Afula: Turn left at Kaduri Junction

Phone: 04-676-6250

If you would like to book accomodations at Alon Tavor, please contact Teleteva, our reservations hotline.

Teleteva operating  hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00-17:00 IST (Israel Standard Time)

Friday: 9:00-14:00 IST

Phone: +972 3 638 86 88