Apple Growers Use Bats for Bio-Pest Control

Apple growers use bats as biological pest control

April 15, 2013
Apple growers in Israel appear to have unwittingly enlisted the help of super-powered nighttime avengers in their battle against... Read more » Read the full article »

Bowles, Aussie

Australian 'super sprinter' seeks record with 1009 km run on Israel National Trail

April 9, 2013
Starting on Wednesday 17th April 2013 , adventure runner and philanthropist Richard Bowles will run over 80km each day along the 1009... Read more » Read the full article »

March 20th

Peretz, Shalom pledge to improve quality of life

March 20, 2013
With the swearing in of the new government, Gilad Erdan has stepped down from his position as Environmental Protection Minister. We... Read more » Read the full article »

Nature Society surveys Jerusalem's ancient roots

March 14, 2013
Some 5,000 ancient trees have been located in Jerusalem in the first survey of its kind, carried out by SPNI. Between 2011 and 2013... Read more » Read the full article »

March 5th

Conflict over new Lower Galilee community goes to National Council

March 5, 2013
As in in our ongoing campaign in the south regarding the creation of ten new communities in the Arad Valley, here too SPNI takes a... Read more » Read the full article »

Expansion Plans for Haifa Port Approved as Greens Call for Further Research

February 24, 2013
Plans to expand the Haifa Port have been approved by the National Building and Planning Council and the Coastal Environment Protection... Read more » Read full article here >>

Committee Postpones Approval of Hotels for Eilat’s Almog Beach

February 19, 2013
The decision to allow building of a hotel on Eilat’s Almog Beach has been put on hold.The Southern District Committee for Planning... Read more » Read full article here >>

Central District Planning Committee to Consider Transforming Palmahim Shoreline into National Park

February 19, 2013
For nine years there has been a debate about building resorts on the Palmahim Beach.  The controversy started in 2004 when... Read more » Read the full article here >>

Arava Salt Flats Endangered by Development

February 7, 2013
The salt flats in Arava and Sodom are in danger of completely disappearing.  The threat to these important habitats is the... Read more » Read the full article here >>

From Renewable Energy to Grey Water Usage, Major Parties Go Green

January 20, 2013
SPNI released survey results showing that 75 percent of the 500 participants considered environmental issues important to their quality... Read more » Read the full article here >>

Article by Jerusalem Post

Oil Drilling in Gabriela, off Herzliya Coast, Approved/State Okays Drilling for Oil in Area Earmarked as Marine Reserve

January 15, 2013
The Tel Aviv District Committee for Planning and Building approved the plan to drill for oil in the Gabriela reservoir off the coast of... Read more » Read the Jerusalem Post article here >>

Urban Sprawl Threatens Open Spaces

January 3, 2013
SPNI released its annual report on open spaces and this year it has highlighted how planning procedures are kept from the public in... Read more » Read the full article >>